POLITICS: I was elected to county council to put Holbeach first

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In response to Tony Button’s letter in Tuesday’s Lincolnshire Free Press.

As the current (and recently re-elected) county councillor for Holbeach I will unashamedly represent Holbeach and fight Holbeach’s corner at every opportunity – that is what I am there to do.

I am not the councillor for Long Sutton.

For accuracy the Holbeach Parish Plan was implemented in 2008 and the Long Sutton Parish Plan followed along on 2011 – no need to say more on that.

As deputy leader of South Holland District Council I do indeed represent the whole of South Holland.

Maybe Tony forgets that I was the portfolio holder on the district council who persuaded the district and county council that they needed a leisure centre in Long Sutton and saw it through to completion.

Don’t forget the astro-turf pitch too (you can look at the photos at the leisure centre to see who was involved with that!), which is well used by current and former members of the Peele Community College. So you certainly can’t say I forget about Long Sutton! The issue around the Bull Hotel relates to both the planning committee ,which I am not a member of, so cannot comment and to the state of the national economy I suspect.

On the Torch relay issue, I will re-iterate, Holbeach was the only town to put on a large event outside of the Torch Relay – large enough to have its own event management plan and was many months in the planning.

This was not done by the district council but by a group of community minded people who had the foresight to see the opportunity created by the Olympic Torch and led by myself as the County Councillor for Holbeach.

The petty bit about the bunting is not worth commenting on along with his comments about the Peele Leisure Centre being for the benefit of Spalding not Long Sutton – how he has come to that conclusion I am really not sure.

Coun Nick Worth

County councillor for Holbeach