POLITICS: I want to learn more about UKIP’s policies

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I’m very disappointed (not smiling at all) reading Peter Bird’s response to my latest letter in support of continued EU membership.

Please allow to explain. I naturally sympathise with all who voted UKIP in order to send a message to the “political elite”.Those who govern this country and seem hard of hearing when it comes to listening to ordinary voters... but that’s where it ends as far as I’m concerned.

The vast majority of UKIP supporters are decent people but at its very bottom the UKIP currently attracts (and 
occupies) a space left by the BNP.

There is plenty of evidence; look at all the bigots, racists and homophobes Nigel Farage has had to remove from standing for public office in recent times.

I’m sure Mr Bird does not fall into that category, but his letter (Spalding Guardian, January 29) stating that the “EU is fostering hatred at very local levels” on the basis of the EU giving money (£48.6m) for a fleet of modern buses to benefit Budapest commuters, in my view, falls into the category of yet another “loony Ukip statement”.

Fostering hatred at local level? Are you serious, Mr B? Take away UKIP’s very appealing leader and, it seems to me, we are left with some very unsound characters and policies. Leaving aside immigration issues, as far as I’m able to discern, UKIP wants 
maternity pay taken away from women in small 
businesses and wants to slash workplace rights for employees.

UKIP is a party that supports all the policies the Tories do and more... so apart from the ‘protest’ vote element they have yet to offer me anything new.

Also, please allow me to 
correct Mr Bird’s comment on my recent letter, wrongly saying that I wrote that the EU has the ability to stop wars.

I thought I made it clear; The EU cannot stop wars: but since 1945, EU membership has prevented wars between Britain, France, Germany and Italy and can claim some credit in the downfall of communism in Eastern Europe.

Surely, knowing the carnage that went before we should be ever thankful?

Finally, 70 years ago the Red Army liberated death camp Auschwitz. With anti-semitism on the increase in the UK; are we ever going to learn the lessons of the past, regarding where the road down to xenothopic tribalism leads us?

Meanwhile, I look forward to the Spalding Guardian’s political debate on April 23 and meeting Mr Bird/Mr Parsons in person.

I want to learn more about UKIP policies (if they have any).

David Turp