POLITICS: How can still borrowing be a good thing?

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John Hayes says that the national deficit is being reduced (this week’s Free Press). 

Yes, the government may be borrowing less per minute than previously but it is still borrowing instead of paying off our debts. What we actually owe is still increasing.

With national debt numbers like December 2013 £1,254.3 billion, August 2014 £1,432.3 billion, February 2015 £1,486.8 billion I would not call this a reduction.

The government is still borrowing more money, not paying it back. I do not believe our country can borrow its way out of debt. I believe it is about time politicians of all stripes admit the problem and agree a solution that actually decreases what we owe.

Would Mr Hayes please explain how his government still borrowing money instead of paying it back is a good thing?

Nigel Wickenden