POLITICS: Here we go again then!

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Here we go again.Conservatives, and now Labour and UKIP, candidates in the imminent Lincolnshire County Council election, are already referencing national issues; immigration, bedroom taxes, etc, that they know full well cannot be influenced by any county council, no matter who’s elected.

I wonder why? We’re being inundated with candidate flyers.My suggestion is to look for those that talk about We, not I, reference national party policies and successes that have little part to play in local government, and don’t provide and commit to doing their best to deliver their own promises. Then throw them in the bin as these are politicians that hope to fly into power on the coat tails of their party rather than commit to best serving Lincolnshire.Don’t we need our councillors to focus exclusively on delivering realistic solutions to problems they can influence rather than simply spouting party rhetoric?Let’s not forget that Conservatives favour the rich and big business, UKIP is a single policy party that panders to emotion and Labour tends to bankrupt everything they touch.Cynically yours.

Andrew MacDonald