POLITICS: He is ignoring the reality of the situation

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I am not sure whether the letter from UKIP’s Peter Bird (Spalding Guardian, May 23) is naive or a blatant attempt to mislead.

Making false promises does nothing for the people and only serves to further denigrate the reputation of politics and politicians.

Implying that “stopping the growth of wind farms” was a reason for the increase in the UKIP vote is to ignore the reality of the situation.

County councils do not have strategic planning powers and their development control powers do not cover wind farms, so even if UKIP had won enough seats to control the council, they still would not be able to stop wind farms.

The reality is that in Lincolnshire Conservative-controlled local councils are opposed to the proliferation of on-shore wind farms; local planning authorities have landscape protection policies; the Conservative-controlled county council brought in a policy restricting the possible locations for on-shore wind farms; the former minister, local Conservative MP John Hayes, quite clearly stated his, and the Conservative Party’s view that “enough is enough”.

That doesn’t sound like “the Conservative Party, and its love of wind farms” to me.

Renewable energy generation is important for future fuel security and on-shore wind is detrimental to this objective. Wind power is unreliable and the necessary gas-fired back-up increases our emissions and our reliance on imported fuel.

The enormous subsidies paid reduce investment in more efficient forms of generation and place unacceptable burdens on hard-pressed bill payers.

Perhaps a subsidy was justified to help get the technology established, but now the national target for on-shore wind generation (13 GW by 2020) has been attained, subsidies can no longer be justified.

Lincolnshire Conservatives have lobbied, cajoled and encouraged national government to follow our lead and stop the rise in fuel poverty that afflicts so many.

“Heat or eat” is the stark choice facing our less well-off citizens, particularly during the long cold spells we have experienced recently.

To answer the question I posed at the beginning of this letter, I came down on the side of naivety. Why? Because three-quarters of Mr Bird’s letter is a diatribe about how Conservatives “need lessons on how not to upset communities and neighbours” following the “announcement from energy secretary Ed Davis”.

Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Davey is a Liberal Democrat.

Eddy Poll

Moulton Chapel