POLITICS: Having no political ties helps me

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Has Roger Gambba-Jones reconsidered his anti-UKIP rant? (see Spalding Guardian of April 19). Defections from the Independent Group to form a coalition with the minority Conservative Group shifted the balance of power?

The excellent refuse service we receive is wholly due to the hard work and diligence of the labour force involved. Our district douncil makes huge savings by not supplying and servicing the wheelie bins that virtually all others do. Regarding the recycling facility opposite the power station – bin your ideas of district versus county council, just prove that you’re up to the job and have it fully open all year round.

Their claims that the Labour Party is funded by the Unions are sour grapes

This ‘opening’ business applies to our libraries. Is it a sell-off ploy in much the same way that Hayley Stewart and the Castle Sports complex have been drooled over for so long?

This is the biggest issue facing democracy today. My correspondence with the (now) Leader of the Conservative Party regarding the Localism Act, together with smug claims of parish councillors who admit they conduct affairs the way they do “because they can” appear to show that he and they think that nothing in public ownership is off limits, but theirs by right.

If this occurs in all our shires, are we not (under the present Conservatives) living in a dictatorship wherein the bottom layer of ‘Government’ (largely self-elected) supports the upper branches unchecked.

Their claims that the Labour Party is funded by the Unions are sour grapes.

I anticipate the very best in people, but when my trust is ill-founded, try to demonstrate better solutions.

I cannot tolerate being lied to and, as a genuinely elected parish councillor, again thank my supporters for their confidence in me to protect their interests. Having no political affiliation enables me to do this.