POLITICS: Facts on MPs’ pay quite clear

John Hayes
John Hayes
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What a mean spirited letter from Stephen Helliwell! (this week’s Free Press).

If he took the time to look into the matter – as I did – he’d know that MPs did not vote for a pay increase and in fact haven’t had any say on their pay at all since 2009.

If he’d taken the trouble to read the original Free Press coverage of the issue he’d know MPs’ pay is decided by an outside, independent body following a public consultation – the MPs themselves have no say whatsoever whether pay goes up or not.

As for our local MP John Hayes, if Mr Helliwell had the facts he’d know that John, along with others, volunteered to take a five per cent pay cut in his Ministerial salary which is frozen for 10 years.

Well done John for doing the right thing, and thanks for all you do for us locally.