POLITICS: Evident why they haven’t won in 21 years

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A recent letter (see Peter Darley, June 26) in your pages claims ‘Tories are the party for Europe.’ In my view this is a foolish assertion because lately it has become evident that the Tory party is divided on Europe with a impotent, pro EU leader, at the helm.

All evidence suggests after they voted on Jean-Claude Juncker; Mr Cameron isn’t taken seriously by 26 other European leaders.

So, in what possible way are the Tories, now, the party for Europe? The opposite appears to be the case.

A situation now exists where, under threat, is the break-up of the United Kingdom following a Scottish independence referendum and exit from the EU following an in /out referendum in 2017.

Has the Tory party a clue about how to deal with the consequences if both occur? I very much doubt it. Instead of playing politics on big issues that seriously threaten our economic stability, national security and our role in the world, perhaps they’d do better employing a little more thought... and less baseless assertion. For instance, is it believable that serious reform is deliverably on basic EU free movement of goods, services and people, (the last of which, so exercises concern?) Also, is it really the case Scotland would no longer be able to use the pound as a result of independence? Or is this, like the former, another case of ‘Cameron posturing’ for mainly vote seeking reasons. The Tories have not won a general election for 21 years... it’s all too evident why. Well said sir!

David Turp

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