POLITICS: Deputy leader should represent Long Sutton too

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Come off it Nick (Worth). As deputy leader of South Holland District Council you should remember that you are paid to represent the whole of the district, not just Holbeach.

Please direct your attention to Long Sutton as we too have a parish plan that was implemented long before Holbeach only to be stagnated by district council bureaucracy.

Using just the Bull Hotel complex as an example as only after ten years we still await action.

I am also awaiting from you following an EMIB meeting a follow-up request for you to look into the cost and use of students at the Peele Community College in their holidays at the Peele Sports and Leisure Centre, which is now rented out for the benefit of Spalding not for Long Sutton, as intended at the beginning when support and grants were needed. My request was five years ago, I still await answers.

Back to the Lincolnshire Free Press report. The Long Sutton community is most amazed at your comment that Holbeach was the only town to hold an Olympic Torch event – Long Sutton’s streets were packed out.

Also note that when I phoned the lady in charge of events at the district council asking for bunting and flags for Long Sutton, as reported we should do, I was told that the allocation would be split equally between those asking for them and that Nick Worth would be collecting Holbeach’s and may also deliver Long Sutton’s.

After receiving this information and only getting five lots of bunting for Long Sutton I counted those in Holbeach, total of 26.

Tony Button

Long Sutton Civic Society