POLITICS: Dedication will ensure re-election

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I strongly agree with the letter entitled: “Fortunate to have a LOCAL MP who is so dedicated”, written by Margaret Wilson, the constituency chairman

of the South Holland and the Deepings Conservative Association.

I first met Mr Hayes when he visited my school and I interviewed him with my headmaster.

He took his visit and my interview very seriously, was open and fair-minded. I’ll be too young to vote this year, but I’ll be voting for Mr Hayes in future elections.

Our Member of Parliament, John Hayes, has held the constituency seat of South Holland and the Deepings since May 1997 and with each election his popularity has grown.

He is not only responsible for constituency work – which I know from the interview and what I’ve seen since, dominates the majority of his weekends – but also serves the country well as Minister of

State for Transport and as a senior parliamentary advisor to David Cameron.

This week’s documentary regarding the day-to-day workings of the House of Commons showed Mr Hayes right beside the Prime Minister as he stopped, on leaving the chamber, to compliment a very new opposition MP, Sarah Champion, on her contribution at Prime Minister’s Questions.

Having watched and spoken to him several times since our first meeting I’ve learned there is a genuine reason for John Hayes’ long standing as our MP – he is extremely dedicated and driven by a sincere desire to improve

his constituents’ lives!

Dedicated public service will ensure John Hayes’ re-election, securing our prosperity under a Conservative government for another five years.

Theo Lawless-Hughes

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