POLITICS: Cuts caused by his own Government

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Foodbanks are popping up all over the place, working people are facing eviction from their homes and benefits are being withdrawn from families, left, right and centre,

and all as a result of welfare reforms that our MP says are aimed at making things fairer.

The UK has almost a million young people out of work and the government’s response is to increase university tuition fees.

The teaching profession is in crisis and the Tory response is to privatise schools, youth centres and libraries.

It’s no surprise that John Hayes MP voted last week to retain the pernicious bedroom tax. If he stood up for the poor on this or any other issue he would risk losing the power and influence he has as a government minister, not to mention almost half of his £100,000 a year salary.

Admittedly he is also able to claim £23,000 towards his accommodation but we all know the cost of living is rising.

As an enthusiastic constituency MP, Mr Hayes pops up, here and there, protesting against the possible closure of libraries and magistrates’ courts, but he appears incapable of joining the dots to see the cuts on his doorstep are caused by his own Government’s sinister austerity package.

If he doesn’t agree with the cuts at local level why on Earth is he voting for them at a national level?

Probably, like his millionaire cabinet colleagues, he will claim there is no alternative and the global recession is all the fault of Gordon Brown. However, if there is still enough money in the economy for energy companies to make obscene profits and for bankers to claim obscene bonuses then surely there is a way to siphon more of that money back from the ultra-rich to the poorest in society and to invest in creating opportunities for ordinary working people.

Ashley Baxter

Deeping St James