POLITICS: Carrots come in bunches, not people

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I would like to pick up on a statement made by county councillor Richard Fairman to the Spalding Guardian on Thursday, February 12.

Part of the statement went as follows: “I would like to say I am confident but, of course, that’s the worst thing possible to say.

“I have been reasonably successful at county and it just means I will be serving another bunch of people as well.”

Is this just a case of poor choice of words or contempt, perhaps Mr Fairman may want to expand on his choice.

Surely the constituents of St Mary’s ward are individuals and expect to be recognised accordingly if you are wanting to be their winning representative on the local council.To use the phrase “another bunch of people as well” appears to be quite vulgar.

Residents of St Mary’s, are you okay to be seen as “another bunch”?

Fortunately I do not live in that area but I wish them good luck in electing a candidate who recognises them for who they are, as individuals, not a bunch . Flowers and carrots come in a bunch not people.

Roly Hare

via email

EDITOR: The reporter who interviewed Mr Fairman assures me he is a polite gentleman who woukld have meant no offence by the term “bunch”.