POLITICS: British MPs are underpaid

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In response to recent articles about pay and expenses for MPs, I wanted to write in to add a different perspective to the issue.

It is my belief that MPs in Britain are underpaid, sometimes significantly so, in comparison to other highly skilled and professional roles.

Even when factoring in MPs’ allowances, I truly find it bizarre that doctors and head teachers –highly professional and vital though they are – are often paid significantly more than the people we elect to make laws, represent the people and run the country.

Indeed it was recently reported that thousands of GPs earn more than the prime minister!

Critics of MPs’ pay and expenses often forget that most MPs take a large pay cut to enter politics – forgoing earning more money to serve the public and make a difference to people’s lives.

Surely the kind of politics we want is one where people can enter Parliament regardless of wealth or background.

Curbing MPs pay or expenses would only exclude all but the super-rich.

This would clearly hurt social mobility, and having fewer ordinary people enter politics would only harm our democracy.

Nicholas Neilson

Market Deeping