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I am writing in reference to the belligerent and slightly incoherent letter by Paul Foyster, Chairman of UKIP for South Holland and the Deepings (Free Press, October 18) about the UKIP representation at next May’s local council elections.

Mr Foyster neglected to mention that there is another rising force in British politics – the Green Party – which offers a more radical and progressive alternative to betrayed Lib Dem voters and to disillusioned Labour voters.

It may also appeal to immigrants from eastern Europe.

The Green Party is the only party in England to be pro-immigration, and it will be interesting to see if they can gain votes from the eastern European voters in our wards. As EU citizens and residents, migrants from eastern Europe have the right to vote in local elections in the UK. I doubt that they will be voting for UKIP. Despite what UKIP might have us believe, immigration does not cause low wages or unemployment (the latest jobless figures show a significant fall).

Low wages are caused by greedy companies who want to maximize profits or hand their shareholders increased dividends.

Low wages are also caused by setting the minimum wage too low

David Wheeler

via email