POLITICS: A breath of fresh air for democracy

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On behalf of most local people; I wish to welcome 18-year-old Dan Wilshire to the upcoming local political hustings (see last Thursday’s Spalding Guardian).

I, for one, applaud his stance in seeking to engage “disillusioned young voters in South Holland and the Deepings”.

Exactly what is needed; and a great day for the local/national democratic processes. However, before the usual suspects, in South Holland’s mainly ‘Tory adoring’ political community draw their knives on Dan and the Green Party, may I be allowed to say that, having read the latest GP manifesto, I believe, apart from anything else, GP policies, regarding the EU, seem to me, to be the most honest and sensible at this point in time.

Very unlike those of the Conservative party and the ‘Tory rump’ that likes to call itself UKIP.

By the way, if the hustings you sponsor on April 23 are to follow the BBC TV format of Question Time, then perhaps you might be considering inviting to the panel a fairly ordinary local person with his/her own views and a reasonable knowledge of political history... Hmmm... anyone come to mind.

David Turp

via email