POLICING: Cuts turned evening into one of mayhem

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Having being one of the party goers on New Years Eve Iwould say I was a good witness to some events and to say the police were overstretched was an understatement.

Firstly it was announced on Twitter that the cells were soon full at Boston, so that made sense when I noticed several fights and confrontations simply moved on rather than the action we would have preferred to see as a proper deterrent and to make the good general public feel more safe.

We as a town need our cells back, it makes sense!

If people are daft enough to throw a punch then they should feel the long arm of the law, but it just doesn’t happen

enough and it’s saddening that due to cutbacks we have to have a service that lets many minor offences go by

the wayside.

And not only did we have fights, but also a few idiots with fireworks that put public safety at risk.

Namely some idiots that threw what sounded like bombs going off to the road near the Lincolnshire Poacher pub, and then three people setting off fireworks on High Bridge which would have shot anywhere and with passing cars could have resulted in a serious accident.

Now had we had more resources these people would have got caught and at the very least had their fireworks confiscated if they cannot use them safely and responsibly.

At no point in all of this am I blaming our police themselves , as I know cutbacks and paperwork is to blame on the whole.

But to have a nice evening turned into one of mayhem really does make me think twice about returning for a night out in Spalding when its a big event.

Mr B Jones