POLICE: There is no point in calling 101

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Is the area around Spalding Police Station sound proof? l say this because l live on the Wygate estate, and the noise from brainless morons at play, racing round Holland Market car park late at night can be heard from my house, which as the crow flies is further away than the Spalding Police Station from that area.

What is so astonishing about the police is that they want people to get out of their beds late at night and make a note of registration numbers in low light , and then call 101 to report this anti-social behaviour.

Calling 101 is just a waste of time and a phone call. By the time a surgeon can be found to surgically remove them from their office and get round to investigating, it is too late, and you only have a 50/50 chance of them showing up.

There is a catalogue of complaints about this problem, but instead of dealing with it, they and the council just want to move it on to some other poor soul’s back yard.

l refuse to believe that this area is regularly patrolled, otherwise we would not have this problem.

Every day you can see police vehicles drive past where a criminal offence is being committed, but they don’t give it a second glance.

Once in a blue moon, the Spalding Police will have a purge on whatever (the last one was cycling on pavements). They then announce in the newspaper that they make no apology for upholding the law, and this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated. Guess what? The very next day it’s as if nothing has happened, and we are back to how it was.

The Spalding Police have a very lackadaisical response to any 101 call.

It’s about time the yobs were jumped on from a great height, and the police treat these issues as real crimes, as it makes peoples lives a living hell.

Michael Cole