POLICE ELECTION: There’s only one man in it for me

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I have been looking at the Police Commissioner election bumph that has been pushed through our letter boxes.

So far it seems that David Bowles is the only one of the candidates who has done something about the underfunding of Lincolnshire Police.

He has highlighted the fact that in 2011 the Conservative-led coalition government took away £1.8 million from the force and distributed it to wealthier and already better staffed places in the country. The Conservative candidate was even on the police authority at the time and seems to have done nothing, one presumes because his party instigated the cuts.

No doubt this will result in a further loss of police officers in Lincolnshire.

I believe it is pertinent that two candidates, Cllr Richard Davies and Alan Hardwick, who I gather was an adviser to the Conservative chairman of the Police Authority, were employed by and sat on the Police Authority at the time.

If these candidates did not defend Lincolnshire Police from budget cuts last year, then why should we expect anything better if either of them becomes commissioner?

This narrows my choice down to one as I do not want any party affiliated person or politician to have anything to do with our police. Mr Bowles will get my vote.

Nigel Wickenden

Smithdale Close