Police didn’t respond to ‘disgusting’ sight of homeless man in doorway

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REGARDING the story in last week’s Free press: “Police: Please only judge us on crimes we’re aware of.”

To Sgt Stuart Hurst: Frst thing on Tuesday morning as workers and school kids made their way to school they were greeted with the sight of a homeless person sleeping in a shop doorway opposite WH Smith.

People walking by were stopping and shaking their heads in disgust. I asked what was going on, and they said there was someone in the doorway.

All litter, cardboard and papers surrounding them. I asked if anyone had rang the police as what we were seeing was causing distress to members of the public and also an obstruction to shop workers.

Nobody had called so I did. I was told by the operator that someone would be there very soon... I stood talking to other people who had stopped for around 30 minutes around that area and, guess what? No police turn up.

Also, I got told by the operator that they would call me back and leave a message with the incident number as I didn’t have any pen or paper to hand... and, guess what.? Over 10 hours later I was still waiting.

So for Sgt Stuart Hurst to state what he has makes no sense at all. He needs to look into why no action is taken on so many complaints. We are calling, so we want action.



EDITOR: I think the most shocking thing about this letter is that anyone thought a homeless person sleeping in a shop doorway was disgusting.