POLICE COMMISSIONER: Need for changes and some sense

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Whilst I was one of the many that said openly that I would have prefered to see the money go into more police on the beat, I did vote.

And as such, now fully support the appointment. With the following hoped-for changes and common sense.

Perhaps now we can see some intelligent use of funds and manpower. We would hope more responsible use of time, energy and funds to police work.

The speed-spotting van we see on very quiet Sunday mornings on very quiet West Marsh Road would be far better utilised out on the new A16 where death and destruction is actually happening on a much too regular basis.

The PC taking down index numbers of cars parked on yellow lines in the short little cul-de-sac adjacent to Scooby Doo’s could show his face and vehicle to much greater advantage where people could see it. Okay, they are catching people breaking the law! But those two vehicles out on the A16 could well be either catching dangerous drivers or at least showing their face to deter bad driving.

There have been at least two ocassions when I have seen two (Why two? Do they not work individually?) PCSOs walk past vehicles parked on disabled and double yellow lines in Broad Street. Okay, not dangerous as such, but a word with the drivers would be a deterent.

On another occasion I saw a police car drive past a large vehicle parked and projected out in to the road by about two feet, creating obstruction at the traffic lights at the junction of Westlode Street and Pinchbeck Road.

Surely it would not have taken more than a couple of minutes to find the driver and point out his “error” in causing the problem.

Mr Police and Crime Commissioner, sir – any hopes of some intelligent and common sense policing from now on?

Alfred Webb