POEM: Thank you Lord for Spalding

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Spalding is the town I live in.

Wouldn’t change it for the world;

From bombs dropping in the forties,

to our present day!

The schools are good.

Especially the Gleed;

Where everything is learned

ready for the big wide world.

Our jewel of Ayscoughfee, has been

there for us, free to wander round;

From children picnicking,

to teenagers meeting our friends.

And later the Brass Band concerts

with beautiful scenery,

to calm us in this unsettled world.

Spalding, where if you look,

There is a good Christian community.

Looking after each other and praying for a better world.

Most people are friendly.

Yes, I wouldn’t live anywhere else but Spalding.

Thank you Lord, for Spalding.

M Wilson