Please don’t scrap parade

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THE flower parade must be saved and not changed. We need the tourists to come into Spalding and spend and have a good time.

But getting rid of the flower parade will do harm for all the shops. The money has got to come from somewhere to save the parade.

We have got to get back to getting the stalls back in Spalding too.

I know these are bad times but getting rid of the parade will do more harm than good. We cannot have a food parade – that would not be the same,.

Come on South Holland District Council, let’s do something about this and get Spalding alive again.

There is a lot of goodwill in Spalding – don’t let these people down and scrap the parade. It’s the one week in the year we can show that Spalding has something to offer.

Also, the churches do an excellent job of decorating their buildings with flowers.

Let’s pull together and get the show back on the road. Let’s support MP John Hayes and pull it off.


Thames Road