PLAYING FIELD: It’s the cloak of secrecy I find disturbing

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I am appalled at the level of subsidy granted to the Spalding Football Club by South Holland District Council.

I have walked past the Halley Stewart Field many times during a home game and wondered how they managed to pay for the upkeep of the ground with the meagre attendance the club enjoys.

Now I know that all they pay is the rent of £2,500 – everything else is paid for by the people of South Holland, even if they don’t support the club!

We will be bearing the burden of savings that the council will have to make in support of the government’s deficit reduction programme for many years.

There should be no allowance for unnecessary subsidisation of Spalding United FC or any other commercial venture with limited appeal to residents of South Holland.

But all this raises a far more serious issue regarding the honesty of both the council and Spalding FC.

Whilst it is true to say they have never lied, they have both been economical with the truth.

Why did the council not come clean about the finances of the Halley Stewart Feld? Why did Spalding United FC not come clean regarding the amount of rent they pay?

It’s this cloak of secrecy that I find disturbing. All the money that the council spends comes from us and the football club has tenure of a town centre venue owned by the people of South Holland.

Now is the time to address this issue and place all the utility bills with the tenant and if that makes it unaffordable then they will have to seek a grant from the FA or find another venue.

Well done Gerry Hutchinson. I take my hat off to you for your perseverance and determination.

And to the council I say this: “You are the servants of the people and you should be working for us not against us.” And to all those councillors who where aware of the financial state of the Halley Stewart field: “You should hang your heads in shame.”

Steve Freeman