PLAYING FIELD: I cannot understand his views

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I read with great interest Rodney Sadd’s letter in the Lincolnshire Free Press and cannot understand where he is coming from.

He states that if the football club had to move out of town it would be a crying shame and that the football club could be come isolated and it would stop the supporters, so if the club have to move to return the field back to public benefit that is wrong.

However, when it was originally suggested by Corbo that they should move out of town to a new state of the art ground this was OK. No one said who would foot the bill.

If Rodney is referring to the Castle Playing Field only being a few hundred meters from the Sir Halley he might like to look back to 2008 when this same council wanted to sell it off to build on.

So if we let the Halley Stewart go and the council then sell the Castle Field also, where is Rodney Sadd’s open green space?

I am afraid that I cannot go along with the idea that this would create more beer cans and bottles. Whether this is a public recreation field or a football field people would still throw these items over the wall.

I was told this by a lady at the meeting who said this was happening with needles already. If people are concerned about this they should contact the council and ask for more rubbish bins, which appears the council is not bothered about or they would do something more positive about it.

If Rodney Sadd was to take the time and read the Trust Document of 1952 it will show him that nowhere in the legal document does it state that the field is for sport but for a playing field which was left for the people of Spalding in perpetuity which if he looks up would show him that this means FOREVER.

The Trust document is a legal document signed and stamped and given approval by this council who agreed to honour it.

I would like to make it clear that the football club should be responsible for finding their own new venue if it comes to it because they are a limited company, so why should it come down to the tax payer once again?

This is a problem the Trust (council) has caused by allowing a single body and other bodies to take over and they now believe that they own it so sod the inhabitants of Spalding – why should they have any use of the field and it be unrestricted for them to use?

Bill Johnson

Spalding Community