PLASTIC BAGS: Why are we having this 5p bag tax?

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Please could someone explain why we are being encouraged to copy Wales and Scotland to enforce the 5p plastic bag tax?

It was not that long ago that the plastic shopping bags were advertised as being biodegradable. So there would be no problem regarding land fill.

Supermarkets have supplied containers for people to put their unwanted plastic bags in. What has happened about the investment from the government regarding the plastic wrap used on the foods that we buy? Are they now also biodegradable?

There was a mention in the past that manufacturers were to be encouraged to use biodegradable plastic food wrap and clothing wraps. Has there has been an update regarding this matter?

It is alright being green if commonsense is being used and a bigger picture is being looked at. Short sighted, knee jerked reaction seems the way things are done in this country. Please look outside the box and consider an alternative.

Some of the alternatives could be paper bags and boxes. Small paper bags for just a few items and larger ones for a larger shop.

Also, if paper bags were to be introduced would they be made strong enough as not to tear too easily? Needs to serve its purpose. What about increase accessibility for the cardboard boxes that the supermarkets fold up and put for recycling.

The charge of 5p per bag is supposed to go to charity, as mentioned on the TV this week. Who decides which charity? Also, is the Government collecting tax from this money and who is responsible for the recording of such funds?

I personally do not agree with this tax as I feel that we have far too much stealth tax in this country.

Money is extremely tight and I would sooner put the money towards necessities such as food, clothes and utilities bills. Every little helps.

Please note that in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland they do not pay for prescriptions yet we have to in England.

Where is the fairness?

Mrs L Csernikovics