PLANNING: So much for democracy

gambba-jones ANL-150421-123933001
gambba-jones ANL-150421-123933001
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Last week’s Cabinet Call column by Councillor Roger Gambba-Jones was particularly pertinent as my neighbours and I are about to “enter battle” with South Holland’s planning department regarding a proposed housing development in our road.

Although notice has only just been given and the affected residents are still formulating their objections, initial conversations with a planning official has already indicated that the scheme is “a done deal”. There is likely to be no compromise despite the outline plans showing that the proposal is ill-conceived and, although the artist’s impression (artistic licence in operation) is imposing, it is also horrendously misleading and, in the context of the surrounding homes, it would be a total eyesore. Necessary housing is one thing but over-development is uncalled for.

I would challenge councillor Gambba-Jones on his statements; “the council doesn’t care about the impact new developments have on local people” and “councillors will always do their best to help residents understand how the system works and the challenges involved in trying to balance all the issues when making their decisions”.

Perversely, we were informed that despite our verbal opposition, the decision could be decided by a three-man committee – so much for democracy and fair-mindedness.