PLANNING: Parish council say ‘enough is enough’

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The Long Sutton Parish Council would like to make public their extreme disappointment with regard to the planning decisions affecting not only Long Sutton but the district as a whole.

The South Holland District Council and the planning officers need to take the views of local residents and the parish council into account and not continually ignore them as if their views are of no consequence or importance.

It is time that the parish councils and the people they represent are heard.

We as members of the parish council take seriously our role as statutory consultees and consider all plans and the views of the local people in detail and on merit.

Therefore it was with utter disbelief that they were advised that the strong opposition from the parish council and local residents with regard to a new eco-home development on the former Butterfly Park in Long Sutton had been totally disregarded.

Local residents were so opposed to the proposals they themselves called public meetings to voice their opposition, over 80 residents made personal objections and the parish council strongly opposed the application but the officers and members of the district council chose to ignore them.

The district council seem to quickly approve applications from large developments that can generate large sums of S106 funds which are spoiling our rural environment , affecting the quality of life for residents and property prices but put obstacles in the way of the small developers who want to preserve local heritage in Long Sutton.

The former Butterfly Park is a green field site outside of the planning boundary. How can SHDC seek to approve this application which will have a detrimental effect on the town when they have refused others for seeking to cross the boundary by metres, effecting no one?

The infrastructure of Long Sutton cannot cope with any more large developments. The strain on the schools and medical services is already apparent and further demands on local services cannot continue.

A major disappointment to the parish council was the support for the application by district councillor Andrew Tennant and district and county councillor Chris Brewis, who continually voice how they represent their electors but chose to ignore the views of their electorate and local parish councillors and voted in favour of the former Butterfly Park development.

The council strongly feel that the representations made by

parish councils and local residents should not be continually disregarded by the district and county councils or the local ward members.

The parish council members are the ones who live and work in the parishes they represent and know at first hand the impact of decisions made by other authorities. It is time that they and the residents of the district are listened to.

Long Sutton Parish Council