PLANNING: My objections to eventual industrial park

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A letter to South Holland District Council planning department:

I am writing with objections to the proposed development of land at Deeping St Nicholas.

Whilst I have minimal issues with a rail freight hub, I have considerable concerns regarding what is, I believe, the final objective – that is wholesale development of an industrial park on prime agricultural land in a village environment.

My objections are:

1 – The vast increase in road traffic on what is a recently downgraded, relatively minor road, the A1175. This is barely seven metres wide in places and not safe for two lorries to pass. It is certainly going to increase dangers for other road users and anyone unwise enough to cycle or even walk on the very narrow pavements.

2 – Increase in air, noise and light pollution, particularly from constructed units, lighting and traffic arriving/departing after dark. This will have an immediate impact on the rights of villagers to enjoy their properties (and a good night’s sleep) in peace and privacy.

3 – The use of prime agricultural land as a building plot at a time when the population worldwide is increasing dramatically and food prices are rising. In the future, countries will have to be increasingly self sufficient in food production. I truly do not believe we can afford to build on such a large area of good quality land.

4 – Whilst not wishing to be insulting, I wonder if sufficient research has been done, by specialists, into the need for this form of development, so close to other rail hubs and so far from main road/motorway networks. Are the proposed users fully aware of the implications of transporting any fresh produce by rail? I would hate to see the fiasco of the Red Lion Quarter repeated, at the expense of our countryside and people – but repeated to a factor unimaginably greater.

Sally Chester

Deeping St Nicholas