PLANNING: It’s time for the public to get involved

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As chairman of the planning committee, I often hear the council accused of ignoring the views of local people, especially when they don’t agree with a planning decision – as demonstrated by your letters pages recently.

All planning decisions are determined using planning policies, which in turn have to be based on government guidance called the National Planning Policy Framework. South Holland’s planning policies are detailed in something called a Local Plan.

On May 3 we begin consulting on our new joint Local Plan and this is the time for the public to get involved.

You don’t need to know planning jargon to get involved and you certainly don’t need to be a planning expert – we’ll be getting plenty of input from them!

The public are the ones who have to live with our planning decisions so it’s really important that we understand the public’s views, so that these can be taken into account when producing the new Local Plan for our district.

To find out how to get involved, contact the district council, or look at the website

Coun Roger-Gambba-Jones

South Holland District Council planning committee chairman