PLANNING: Any wonder we don’t trust them?

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Two of our local district councillors attended the power station planning meeting. Just one of them spoke up to convey the feelings of those who voted for him – Coun Michael Booth is to be hugely congratulated for having made a forceful and impassioned declaration in support of the residents of Sutton Bridge.

He said that Sutton Bridge had lost trust in South Holland District Council and its planning committee and expressed deep concern about the clustering of three power stations in one locality .

He concluded that, in order to avoid the PREL fiasco (which cost the taxpayer £10,000) the committee should push for a public inquiry to look at all the issues relating to both proposed developments taken together.

Needless to say, his comments were totally ignored by the seven councillors, including the chairman Coun Gammba-Jones, who voted to accept the conditions.

He gace the strog impression he had made his decision before listening to any of the arguments.

In his concluding remarks Mr Gambba-Jones made the outrageous statement that Government policy is for the greater good and local concerns have to be overruled for the benefit of the whole country. Is it any wonder that Sutton Bridge has no trust whatsoever in SHDC planning committee?

Colin Blundell

via email