Pilgrim Hospital gave me amazing treatment

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THE Pilgrim Hospital in Boston has come under a lot of bad press recently concerning both hygiene and treatment by staff.

I just want to join what seems to be a minority and offer praise for the amazing treatment I received at our local hospital following a recent hernia repair operation.

Right from the top, from the surgeons to the nurses, even the tea lady, everyone was so helpful and caring. I cannot fault them.

Especially the team of Ward 2 Day case unit.

It seems we live in a world where we are only interested in the bad that people do, or the things that go wrong. And that is a shame.

As I found out from my recent stay, there is a lot of good being done out there too.

So for my two penneth, well done Boston Pilgrim, and thank you!

Dale Pateman

Edinburgh Walk

West Pinchbeck