Perhaps the parents ought to clean up mess left behind

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BOY racers!

To me that means a boy, or girl for that matter, who hurtles round in circles generally causing a disturbance – and that Saturday night was just that.

I, along with friends, were trying to enjoy the summer’s evening, in a garden off Matmore Gate (as the crow flies I would say easily one mile), and the screeching of tyres, blowing of horns and revving of engines could be heard quite plainly and loudly.

I think it is appalling that these people think they have the right to go onto other people’s property and use their land for their own convenience.

I would address the parents of these ‘boy racers’ and say to you, what is wrong with you people thinking this is acceptable? How would you feel if we all turned up on your front drive, did some wheelie spins, dropped our rubbish and drove off? Perhaps you could all offer to clean up the mess after your darling offsprings.

I am appalled that the police knew this ‘meet’ was taking place and obviously didn’t take steps to make the landowners aware and I’m appalled that the landowners are having to pay to clean up the mess.

The noise on a summer’s evening, long after the shops have closed, has been an issue with ‘boy racers’ for some years, I hear them regularly, and even on a winter’s evening, when Sainbury’s is still open, you’re likely to get run over when they race round at speed!

If they showed a bit more consideration and respect for others they probably wouldn’t be given the label of ‘boy racers’ and be allowed to meet and have their bit of fun.

Hell, charge them to use the car park, at least that would pay the clean up costs.