Perhaps all lights should go off now to help crime prevention?

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Re the article about turning the lights off in Holbeach’s Boston Road car park (Spalding Guardian, October 20).

Can I ask Lincolnshire Police, Coun Savory and, in particular, PC Braid of Holbeach nick, if they are on planet Earth these days with the rest of us?

One minute the police are telling us to have security lights fitted to our homes to deter burglars and now they are saying let’s turn them off so we can remove anti-social behaviour in car parks at night.

On my planet, darkness is great for low lives and thieves and the anti-social brigade. Or have I got that wrong and all burglaries only happen during the day?

For PC Braid to say turning the lights off is “worth a try” is simply stunning.

I actually think it’s worth a try if PC Braid pops round Oakwood Glade and Chestnut Avenue during the night to nick the lead thieves who have struck twice in a month. Let’s turn the street lights off round there – it may deter them from returning!

Also, if he can drag himself out of bed on another night, then it may also be “worth a try” to go help Les Ward, of Holbeach Town Band, who has now given up his generous charity work because of the constant thieving of donated items by decent people (same Spalding Guardian edition).

Did Les have the lights on when the thefts happened? I think not.

Maybe for Lincolnshire Police, Coun Savory and PC Braid, the lights are on but no one is home.

Dave Eason