PEPPERMINT JUNCTION: Justify this huge cost

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With reference to the article in the Free Press on February 26, it is quite clear that a roundabout is a necessity at this junction, not only for safety reasons, but to cut the frustrating waiting time to join the A17.

Time is money and in these tough times delaying commercial vehicles and business motorists has an adverse effect on profitability.

What is not so clear is how the provision of a roundabout can cost £1.5million. I worked in construction industries until my retirement ten years ago, and I cannot conceive how such a sum could be justified (I also have difficulty with £80,000 for a puffin crossing as reported in the same paper).

I would like to challenge Coun William Webb to provide a breakdown of the £1.5million. If sums like these are expended on routine construction projects, the taxpayer is not getting value for money. You can buy a new three bedroomed house for under £200,000 and that includes purchase of the land and developers’ profit.

Keith Kennedy

Main Road

Gedney Drove End