PEOPLE’S PARADE: You can help us with donations, practical support and finance

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As many of you are now familiar, it has become an annual event for Spalding’s community to participate in a parade.

I am writing on behalf of Spalding People’s Parade to request a donation for our parade event.

As Spalding People’s Parade, we are trying to make a positive difference through our actions. We have begun our preparations to organise the next event in May 2015. Our goal is to integrate our community, work together and provide entertainment for families.

This event is not for profit and we are looking for local businesses/organisations/schools to help us with donations, practical support and finance.

We expect to have over 100 participant groups this year, of all ages and we are trying to make this event bigger and better than the last.

In order to complete this project, we need some funds and volunteers as additional hands to help.

If you are interested, please contact us as outlined below and we will be pleased to keep you informed with regular updates on the progress of our project.

Any amount, great or small, helps us get closer to our goal to make this event a day for families.

We believe that the parade programme is consistent with the improvement of the whole community, and hope that you will find it in your hearts and budget to support it.

If I can provide additional information to encourage consideration of our request, please feel free to contact me at or on 07437 936684.

I look forward to hearing from you and creating a stronger community.

Anna Smolen

Sponsorship and donation coordinator