People power works here in Long Sutton

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With reference to the article “Possible move for Long Sutton library” (Spalding Guardian, May 10). When I read this article I felt very angry, then saddened, then confused.

Last year I ran a petition to stop the registry office being closed – this occupies the same building as Long Sutton library and they rely on each other to make the building financially viable.

If the library leaves this building then the registry office becomes costly.

It now seems the county council has looked for another way to take away services from Long Sutton, regardless of the population’s wishes.

The Market House is a beautiful building, and had it been completed in the original design would have accommodated the library from day one.

However, the council decided the library should go into the old courthouse. A lot of money was spent to achieve this and it has proved to be an asset.

The Market House design had to be altered to take account of the changes as the library was no longer to be under its roof.

It now seems the council is willing to spend even more money to alter the Market House so that the library can be accommodated there. Does this save money, or just spend more on an unnecessary move?

There is also the secrecy issue. I thought the Government wanted to give more power to local communities, and have a transparent approach to all local issues.

I wonder if the council has understood this and if so why is it being so secretive about something that will have a big impact on the people of Long Sutton.

Could the council officers please remember that Long Sutton is a growing, thriving town that they should hold up as an example to other less prosperous places and that they have achieved this while having to battle with the district and county councils.

People power works here.

Bobbie Ashton

Lime Walk

Long Sutton