People power won the day

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I feel I must write to thank all involved with the successful refusal of the Treading Bank Wind Farm at Sutton St Edmund.

For the last three years the residents of Sutton St Edmund have fought tooth and nail to stop the approval of these useless turbines.

The application was refused by South Holland District Council by all but one councillor but the applicant Wind Ventures saw fit to go to appeal with a Government inspector, with their representative saying at the end of the planning committee “we will go to appeal , we have the resources to win and you do not”.

How wrong you were Wind Ventures !

In the words of Steven Barclay MP “this is great news and David has beaten Goliath.”

Our community did not want them , nor did our district council, county council and our MP John Hayes but still they put us through a year of worry and stress apart from a legal bill for the FENRATS (Fenland Residents Against Turbines) of £40,000.

My property was quoted by the inspector and Secretary of State that it would be “an unattractive and unpleasant place to live due to the turbines being severely overbearing on the property” and yet they were still willing to put them here.

As it happens there were also two other properties on the Fenland District side who were to be similarly effected.

Have Wind Ventures no brains?

They had no concern for any residents.

They went as far as saying at the inquiry we should move the seating in our lounge around, put up net curtains in our lounge window and plant a hedge to screen the turbines.

It was unbelievable .

We were even told if you don’t like them then move.

However against all the odds common sense and people power came through in the end.

Thanks go to the FENRATS, Couns William Webb and Michael Seymour for their support and John Hayes MP who backed us from the start, but especially the local community which was seen by Wind Ventures as local carrot crunchers who in the end “drove them out of town”.

Andrew Powers

The Birches


Sutton St Edmund