PAVEMENT CYCLISTS: What is the problem? It’s the LAW

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If the Polish resident or any one off the cyclists who were fined for riding on the pavement would care to read the Highway Code, it says that if you disobey rule 64 you are committing a criminal offence.

So what is the problem? Its the LAW of this land. Other EU member states have their laws that we would be expected to obey... we dont get a pick ’n’ mix choice.

As for Sergeant Stuart Hurst making no apology for upholding the law – is he a member of the same force that passes by and turns a blind eye to cars parked on:- cycle routes/zig-zag lines on a pedestrian crossing and out side a school/cars that park on the pavement or in a dangerous position, the list goes on.

He may say that this is the responsibility of the Civil Parking Enforcement Dept. That may be true, on one or two days of the month, and only in the town centre, but what about the rest of the time?

When you call 101 to report a motoring offence, by the time the police arrive (if at all) the vehicle has moved on.

We hear a lot about funding (that’s an excuse for doing nothing) and prioritising, but who’s decision is it to prioritise? And what do the police class as a priority. l bet it is different to the ordinary man or woman in the street, who have to live with this sort of criminal behaviour all the time.

Why are cars allowed to park on a pavement when the road is wide enough for them to park? I have seen people step of a pavement to get around these vehicles, so come on Sergeant Hurst, do your job and uphold the law.

Michael Coe