PARKING TICKET: Fined when I had nowhere else to park

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If you have paid a recent visit to Long Sutton you will be aware that Park Lane is full of very large potholes the whole length of it. Well, hallelujah, the (Lincolnshire County) council decided to repair it.

As a resident of Park Lane, I thought “brilliant, at last”, along with many other residents, I am sure.

We got notice that work would begin on Monday, August 12. As we have a week-old baby, my partner and I parked our vehicles out of the way in the market place on Sunday night as there was nowhere else to park, with work due to begin on the Monday morning.

We didn’t know when we would see our vehicles next as we had nothing planned. Monday afternoon, about 4.30pm, I was given a parking ticket. I couldn’t believe it as I haven’t seen a traffic warden in Long Sutton for years, if ever. And talking to other residents, they were the same.

What a strange coincidence that Park Lane and Park Road had been closed and suddenly a traffic warden appears in town. I wonder how many tickets were given that day.

I have written to the council explaining why I was parked in town all day and that, along with others, didn’t realise there was a time limit. They have rejected my reasons and I have to pay the fine.

I would like to know where the traffic wardens are every other day when people are regularly parking on double yellow lines down Park Lane, especially one car that is always parked on double yellow lines day and night, which I thought was illegal.

Or does it cost the council too much to employ traffic wardens to regularly walk around Long Sutton but when roads are closed they have a better chance of giving parking tickets, therefore earniong money?

K Crane

Long Sutton