PARKING NOTICES: Are they taking fines too far?

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As a local I am in favour of properly policed parking, a necessity in our small and sometimes congested town. (I feel particularly strongly about non-permit holders parking in invalid spaces).

On Sunday I was helping as a steward at the very well attended Remembrance Service in Ayscoughfee Gardens.

It was a respectful and sober event and went smoothly, as usual.

Because of the numbers attending, the town was pretty well parked solid everywhere.

As I walked home down Broad Street, at about noon I could not help notice our parking warden completing the ticketing of almost all the cars (maybe six or eight) parked along the (unlined) section of the road.

I asked him if he was aware the owners were probably at the Remembrance Parade, and he replied, politely, that “ I know, but there is an hour limit on this road”.

Maybe this is a step too far??

David Walters

via email