PARKING: Clowns really are running the circus

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I can hardly believe what was in the Lincolnshire Free Press on October 30.

Now we know the clowns are really running the circus! Four hours parking for the Castle Complex.

So someone sat at a desk, obviously not in a very good mood, and thought “how can we throw a spanner in the works for the Castle Complex users. We have ignored their requests for a bigger car park for umpteen years, let’s give them something worth moaning about”.

Does no-one up there realise how many users spend more than four hours using the facility that was once predicted would be a white elephant? With restrictions like this, it may eventually come true.

Who was consulted before the decision was made? Certainly not me. “Don’t be ridiculous,” they will say, “he’s only been down there for nearly 40 years”.

Typical local government – make the decision to spend the money (it’s only ratepayers money), and then wait for the trouble to ensue.

It is not rocket science to fathom out that many of the various events that take place every week take more than four hours.

Weddings, wakes, exhibitions, meetings, competitions, tournaments, to name just a few, and just in case someone forgot we play bowls down there and many games take more than four hours.

Assuming that this farce is implemented, how will it be monitored, and how much will it cost? No worry (it’s only ratepayers’ money).

Whoever is respsonsible for the input into this farce should be asked a few questions. But we won’t hold our breath!

You couldn’t make it up!

Just in case they have any spare time (?) they should have a look at all the rubbish on the river bank and sort that out. They can be sure that the ducks will not complain.

Derek Sands

Indoor bowls co-ordinator