Parish which put up tax by 48% should live within its means too

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I was dismayed to see that the parish council in Sutton Bridge has decided to put up their share of the council tax by all unbelievable 48 per cent.

The Conservatives that run South Holland District Council have managed to cut their council tax by 0.3 per cent, while being responsible for a far greater range of services and still bringing forward innovative ideas to improve our area.

There is no doubt that we are living in difficult times, but we all have to live within our means, and councils should be responsible, take a lead on this and cut their cloth accordingly.

What planet are the Independent councillors who control Sutton Bridge living on, when they think that they have the right to simply take more money from hard-pressed families and pensioners on fixed incomes in order to pay for their own pet projects and inefficiencies?

If the district council decided to increase its tax take by more than 3.5 per cent, it would have to hold a local referendum before going ahead.

I suppose future elections will have to suffice here.


Queen Street

Sutton Bridge