PARISH PLAN: Poor start but could be promising

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Regarding the stragic plan for Holbeach, whilst this is a lamentable example of strategic planning; lacking on so many levels and apparently put together by those that have little understanding of the development and delivery of long-term plans, at least it represents one group of politicians that are prepared to look further forward than the next election.

Had others had the same foresight we might not have been faced with the lack of sufficient electricity generation, the impact of banking collapse and inadequate border control, along with the potential consumption of huge areas of arable land for housing when food shortages are likely to be a major problem for future generations.

Just a few examples of government myopia.

If only the powers that be focussed more on what’s important for the future rather than knee-jerk reaction to the urgent.

Try again Coun Worth. Poor start but could be promising.

Andrew MacDonlad