PARISH COUNCILS: Thanks a lot!

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Regarding Joan Woolard’s letter in last week’s Spalding Guardian: “Why Can’t We Fight Back?”

Thanks a lot Joan. Your letter would completely put anyone off if they were thinking of visiting Holbeach.

Unlike you, I live in Holbeacha nd think it is a brilliant town with some great shops and lovely buildings.

As for running down the Parish Council, of which you are

a member, maybe you should attend some of the training available to Parish Councillors as you clearly have no idea what your responsibilities are and aren’t.

In addition the Parish includes Holbeach Hurn, St Marks, St

Matthews and St Johns so why shouldn’t the residents there get a chance to see their parish council in action?

I was pleased to see you now think the business plan is

a priority as you couldn’t understand why the parish council had one a few months ago.

Helen Scott

Former Holbeach

Parish Councillor