PARISH COUNCILS: Independent and putting people first

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With reference to Peter Bird’s column “Can Parish Councils Fight For You?”, published in Tuesday’s Free Press.

I am independent because I firmly believe in putting people’s needs first . I can do this because I do not have to obey orders from the party whip.

Party politics has no place in local government. The recent election for a police commissioner had the independent candidates gaining more votes than the political parties.

Any parish council needs the support of its residents but as the examples show their power is limited.

As an independent I have to pay my own expenses as I do not have a party machine. I am also aware that all councils are run by committees.

One person on their own has difficulty with this and are sometimes left out if they are not in a recognised group.

For this reason I am now one of the group of Independents putting Lincolnshire first – a group of like minded people, not a political party.

I listen to what people need, not the party Mr Bird. The established political parties have failed to stand up for Lincolnshire.

Coun Val Gemmell

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