Parish council frustration understandable

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I totally understand Andrew Macdonald’s frustration (Lincolnshire Free Press letters, April 3).

When I first enquired at Pinchbeck Post Office to read the latest minutes of the parish council I was told that they “were so out of date we threw them out”.

I then made it my business to stand as Independent candidate with a promise to have the minutes once more made accessible at the local post office.

So, indeed, they were. When I failed to get elected they disappeared.

I now have no idea where I can read the latest minutes other the vague advice given to contact the clerk. Surely the whole point of a parish council is to provide openness and accountability at grass roots level.

Relating especially to my experiences, I felt I was made particularly unwelcome at council meetings because my legitimate inquiries in public forum seemed to be used as point scoring opportunities for individuals with maybe political reasons to openly mock my genuine opinions.

My concern in the current debate is this: Is the way parish councils currently operate really serving the best interests of local people or should they change and give way to a more open, accountable and democratic way that may even lead to their demise?

david turp

Wimberley Way