Our issues with football plan are nothing to do with sport or young people

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I am surprised by the response of P Manley regarding my letter about the football academy.

In response I would point out that Holbeach, with its population of 6,503, is not exactly large and, therefore, could be classed as little.

Holbeach has a wonderful 14th century church and therefore it is likely Holbeach was inhabited three to four hundred years before the church was built and so I believe to call Holbeach old is correct.

Nowhere in my letter did I indicate that I was against sport or playing fields or that young people shouldn’t be helped wherever possible.

But what I and others are strongly against is the fact that this application is outside the boundary development area, it would also entail stringing the development along a “C” class road to meet up with the next settlement at Tolls Lane, causing more urban sprawl and adding a vast increase in traffic.

My neighbours and I chose to live outside Holbeach in a more rural area where it isn’t built up and where we don’t overlook each other houses and where there is a little space, so you will forgive us if we exercise our democratic right to object on the grounds of the adverse effect on our homes.

I would add that there is a far more suitable area for this large development on the west side of Holbeach where the A151 link road provides better access and the area already is to be bought into development for the future, but you might have known that had you been a little better informed.

If I may thank you for your response to my letter, because at this time we are still waiting for a reply from Holbeach Parish Council and Mr Nick Worth.

PJ Wiseman

Cherry Tree Lane