Our council should hang their heads in shame...

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How right you are, Mr Crowder (referring to your letter about the disgusting state of the River Welland’s riverbanks).

Spalding is NOT a town to which one is pleased to take guests... especially those who are from other countries.

Or those who arrive with a romantic notion of the Spalding of yesteryear...with its fields of tulips and a meandering river of gently sloping banks with reeds, wildflowers, ducks and swans.

Now it is rather a case of watching the ducks swim around the plastic bags, tins, packets and revolting other detritus swilling about.

The council should not only “hang their heads in shame” but put their thinking caps on those often empty heads and come up with a plan to keep the river banks clean.

How about employing those doing their Community Service payback? Or might that frighten and offend the ‘elf and safety’ pundits?

Either way, please get it cleaned up... if not for us then do it for the wildlife whose home IS the River Welland!

Patricia Davison

Holbeach St Marks