Other failing schools have been supported, not had their headteacher removed

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I write as an extremely concerned parent of two Peele Community College pupils.

My eldest child is currently sitting his GCSEs and was in fact in the English tutor group that has been in the headlines lately (GCSE marks made up by teacher, SG, April 12).

While I accept that there have been shortcomings over this, the school have hopefully acted in time to avert disaster and get these children through their GCSE, and hopefully lessons will have been learnt from this to ensure it never happens again.

What concerns me more is this witch hunt of Mr Charles and the way that the board of governors have kept us all in the dark.

Although someone has to take ultimate responsibility for the actions of the teacher in question, surely getting rid of Mr Charles is not the answer? In fact, it is the last thing most of us parents want.

The school is now left without proper leadership, and surely this has greatly demotivated the children and staff.

I understand that some of the parent and teacher governors have resigned over the handling of this by Paul Grooms (chairman of governors), and cannot help noticing that most of the remaining governors do not even have children at the school, so how can they be making informed decisions about our children’s education?

In recent years the Peele has been oversubscribed, largely due to the hard work of Mr Charles and a number of teachers, to turn the school around. Also let’s not forget that Mr Charles inherited a lot of debt when he took on the headteacher role and has considerably reduced this.

As parents, we have always found Mr Charles very approachable, and he really does seem to care about the children. In fact, the whole pastoral team at the school are doing a brilliant job.

We also have no complaints about our children’s education, and think that there are some fantastic, hard-working and dedicated staff at the school.

There are other failing schools in our area, but none of their headteachers have been removed... they have been given extra support.

With this announcement of the suspension of Mr Charles we wonder whether the governing body has the children’s best interests at heart, and hope there will be a parents meeting where we will be able to air our views concerning our children’s education.

A Concerned


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