Opening talks

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Regarding Reuben Holmes’ letter about the Sir Halley Stewart Field (Free Press, September 9) I say to Mr Holmes, with due respect as a trustee I know nothing of any changes to the use of the Sir Halley Stewart field. 
I am asked why I do not open a dialogue with the people of Spalding – well that was the intention of my previous letter and it seems to be working.
I will admit to being a little curt on this occasion but then diplomacy was never quite my style. 
On the request to open my doors any of my constituents will tell you that my door is never closed.
Regarding the Red Lion street regeneration a choice had to be made to either accept money from the previous government ( that we now know they could not afford) or refuse it and let the street remain as it was and compete with the Bull and Monkey for the biggest eyesore in Spalding.
I trust this answers most points raised.

Cllr Francis Biggadike